Enemy Front XBOX 360 Torrent

As a hard core Holocaust related novels reader, both fictional and based on real life-stories, Enemy Front is the game that I have been waiting for. You can easily write a novel by simply playing the game and describing the visuals, the atmosphere and the action from it.

Enemy Front XBOX 360 Torrent

Ten hours of gameplay could transform your experience into a successful epic novel. More than that, the game is totally repeatable meaning that you could write another novel just as brilliant as the first one. If you are in love with history just as much as I am, getting this game is a must! You can find it for download on xbox 360 games torrents websites.

The Game features outstanding visuals, stunning soundtrack that match the intense atmosphere of the game perfectly, a richly engaging combat experience, open-ended levels, full freedom to play the game as you wish and a brilliant compelling story and impeccably narrated.   

Enemy Front XBOX 360 Torrent Game

Download Enemy Front XBOX 360 Torrent

Enemy Front XBOX 360 Game Torrent

The game combines a few genres such as first person shooting, stealing, sabotaging, running and hiding. You will take the role of american Robert Hawkins and you will fight against the Nazi domination in Germany, France, Norway during the Warsaw Uprising. The realistic weapons variety that you can choose from includes: SMGs, Sten gun, Lightning SMG, Welrod Silenced Pistol, and other assault rifles and sniper rifles. You can dominate the battlefield combining reconnaissance, marksmanship and explosive and using them against the numerically superior Nazi troops.

Enemy Front XBOX 360 Torrent Game

The game was developed and published by CI Games, and released on June 10, 2014 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It received mixed reviews upon release, mostly negative from games critics in contrast with the very positive ones from the users. GameSpot rated the game with 50/100 affirmingWhile the modest selection of maps are sufficiently large and multileveled, the uninspired deathmatch and conquest modes offer nothing that you can’t find in other shooters.”, while a happy fan said “I’ve just finished this game and I loved every minute of it.. People say its very buggy well I found one level where I had to start again because of this, but that was it. This game was action all the way and a good story line to go with it. Anyone who is thinking about buying it should get it straight away.”


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